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ENTREPRENEUR or enterprise, we've got you covered.

Whether you’re a sole trader who makes a few calls or a large business with a whole range of different call needs, we’ve got the Platform and the choice of packages you need to stay connected and in control.


Choose between three different tariffs and three different packages.


What’s more, our packages are applied to each extension on your Hosted System, giving you the ability to mix and match, resulting in a completely new level of control and cost efficiency.



Hosted 0 is for people who need a phone but make very few outgoing calls.

Receiving calls is free and making calls is charged1 at standard call rates.

1For call pricing and details, click here.




With Hosted 2000, enjoy 2,000 minutes of outgoing calls to UK geographic numbers1 AND 2,000 minutes of calls to UK mobiles1 each month. Receiving calls is free.

1If the allowance is exceeded; calls are charged at standard call rates.



Enjoy unlimited1 outgoing calls to UK mobile and UK geographic landlines.  Receiving calls is free.

1A monthly Fair Usage Policy of 5,000 UK geographic minutes and 5,000 UK mobile minutes applies. See T&Cs for details


Every business is different and so is every user. That’s why we’ve introduced our Essential, Gold and Platinum packages, so you can choose the level of insight, control, features and support that fits your business needs. 

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Features – 1


A feature-rich phone system that integrates seamlessly with my.plan to provide market-leading insights, analytics and controls across mobile and office-based communications.


From visual call flows and time of day routing to remote working and disaster recovery, with Hosted Voice from you can expect all these features and more as standard.


Where our Hosted system really comes into its own is my.plan – the ultimate connectivity platform giving your business remote access to powerful insights and easy to use controls to boost performance and productivity.


my.plan gives you instant online access to the tools and information you need to connect, configure, and control your mobile and office based communications all in one place, accessible any time from anywhere. 


terms & conditions

Hosted tariffs may only be used for single Extensions. This means that the call allowance cannot be shared across multiple Extensions.

Each Tariff includes a monthly allowance for outgoing call minutes (the “Inclusive Allowance”).  Any minutes up to the amount of the Inclusive Allowance will be included within your monthly Charges.

Inclusive Allowances apply for one calendar month only and cannot be rolled over to a subsequent calendar month.

The Inclusive Allowance of each Tariff only includes domestic usage which is restricted to calls, within the UK. The UK is defined as England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Call usage that exceeds any Inclusive Allowance will be charged at the appropriate rates as set out in our Pricing Guide.

Hosted Unlimited Tariffs unlimited outgoing calls to UK mobile and UK geographic landlines.

All Hosted Unlimited Tariffs are subject to the Fair Use Threshold and Policy of 5,000 UK geographic minutes and 5,000 UK mobile minutes applies. If the allowance is exceeded; calls are charged at standard call rates.  Please see the pricing guide for more information.

Here at, we love to provide you with as many free call minutes as we can possibly fit into our tariffs. We strongly believe that ‘unlimited’ really should mean unlimited when it comes to call bundles.

The Fair Use Threshold is set per connection and is monitored/updated regularly through analysis of customer usage profiles and trends. We also monitor where the pro-rated usage is projected to exceed the Fair Use Threshold within a particular period or billing cycle. The current limits applicable to all customer accounts are as follows:

The Fair Use Threshold for Pro Europe is 5,000 landline and 5,000 mobile minutes per extension.


Assuming your call usage do not exceed our Fair Use Threshold, there’s nothing to worry about.


However, if your usage or projected usage is above the monthly threshold that we set, from time to time, we may have no option but to take action in order to remedy the situation or prevent the problem from escalating further.


What allows us to offer these ‘unlimited’ bundles is the result of detailed customer analysis.


This means that, as long as everyone plays ‘fair’ with their call usage, each individual customer can benefit from flexible and – more importantly – unrestricted tariffs.


However, there are inevitably customers who decide to abuse, or accidentally use, substantially more than their ‘fair share’ of calls.


For this reason, we have to implement a Fair Use Policy in relation to ‘unlimited’ calls.


This policy applies where the level of usage, or projected usage, is unreasonable and/or significantly in excess of what we would expect from a typical customer.

Out of bundle charges will be incurred if you exceed an Inclusive Allowance or any call allowance included within that Inclusive Allowance.


If your Inclusive Allowance expires during a call, we will charge you at an Out of Bundle rate for the remainder of the call. 


Charging for a call commences when a call is answered by a person or an answering device and ends when: (a) the call terminates on your Connection; or (b) you do not end the call up to 30 seconds after the last third party to you were connected to has ended their call.

Unless stated otherwise or Customer has purchased a specific Bolt-On, the Inclusive Allowance of each Tariff only includes UK to UK calls.  Calls within the UK only are calls made or received in either England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland.


When a Customer makes a call from inside the UK to a foreign country, this is considered International usage.  For the avoidance of doubt, calls from the UK to destinations in the Europe Zone are considered International usage.


Unless stated otherwise, International usage is not part of any Inclusive Allowance.


International usage is defined as a call being made UK to any other country in the world.

Customers who wish to purchase international call usage allowances may do so by purchasing an International Call Bolt-On.

Bolt-Ons are subject to their own terms and conditions.  Please see Tariff Guide – Bolt-Ons for more detail.


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This is the latest Hosted Voice Tariff Guide dated the 5th May 2021.

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