Latest Version: February 2020

This Fair Use Policy and the terms included here will be incorporated into each Business Customer Agreement between Customer and Plan Communications Limited.

The information in this document was correct at the time of publication.  All terms in this Fair Use Policy are subject to change.

What is a Fair Use Policy?

Here at, we love to provide you with as much inclusive data, texts and voice minutes as we can possibly fit into our Tariffs.  We strongly believe that ‘unlimited’ really should mean unlimited.

What allows us to offer these ‘unlimited’ bundles is the result of detailed customer analysis.

This means that, as long as everyone plays ‘fair’ with their call and text usage, each individual customer can benefit from flexible and – more importantly – unrestricted tariffs.

However, there are inevitably customers who decide to abuse, or accidentally use, substantially more than their ‘fair share’ of calls and texts.

For this reason, we have had to implement a Fair Use Policy in relation to ‘unlimited’ data, calls and texts. This policy applies where the level of usage, or projected usage, is unreasonable and/or significantly in excess of what we would expect from a typical customer.

What does this mean for me?

Assuming your call, data and text usage do not exceed our Fair Use Threshold, there’s nothing to worry about.

However, if your usage or projected usage is above the monthly threshold that we set, from time to time, we may have no option but to take action in order to remedy the situation or prevent the problem from escalating further.

What is the Fair Use Threshold?

The Fair Use Threshold is set per connection and is monitored/updated regularly through analysis of customer usage profiles and trends. We also monitor where the pro-rated usage is projected to exceed the Fair Use Threshold within a particular period or billing cycle. The current limits applicable to all customer accounts are as follows:

The Fair Use Threshold for all mobile or MBB usage in the UK and Europe Zone is:

  • 3,000 minutes and 3,000 texts per service.

The Fair Use Threshold for usage on any Tariff with ‘Unlimited’ data is:

  • 20GB data usage while roaming outside of the UK (including roaming in the Europe Zone)
  • 650GB data usage in the UK

The Fair Use Threshold for VoIP is:

  • 5,000 UK landline minutes and 5,000 UK mobile minutes.
  • Outbound calls must not exceed 70% of total call volume

Fair Use Policy while roaming

Plan Tariffs are intended for customers and users with a stable link to the UK who travel abroad periodically.  They are not intended for users roaming on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. 

We reserve the right to monitor usage patterns of customers to reasonably determine whether a Customer may be abusing the regulatory right that permits Customers to use an Inclusive Allowance whilst roaming in the Europe Zone.

If a customer spends more than two months abroad out of four months, and if the customer has consumed more data abroad than at home over this time, we may send an alert to that customer. Once the alert is received, the customer will have two weeks to clarify the situation. If the user continues to remain abroad, we reserve the right to apply surcharges (equivalent to wholesale roaming caps, agreed on 31 January 2017).

What happens if I breach the Fair Use Threshold?

If, at the absolute discretion of, it is our opinion that your call, data and/or text usage materially exceeds one of the Fair Usage Thresholds as described above, we may contact you by email, text, or telephone to advise you accordingly.  We may also suspend your service prior to or following such contact.

When we contact you, we will provide you with the opportunity to rectify the situation by ceasing, or substantially reducing, your call and/or text usage.

If excessive usage continues or if for any reason we reasonably suspect that you are not acting in accordance with this policy, we reserve the right to take further action.

Such action may include, but is not limited to:

  • Transferring the Connection to a Tariff that does not include unlimited texts or calls
  • At our absolute discretion, suspending, modifying or restricting the use of your services
  • Withdrawing access to the service indefinitely
  • Termination of contract, which may also include contractual termination fees