Ordering hardware from plan.com is quick and easy via the plan.com portal.

To ensure that everything progresses smoothly with your order, please read this document in full. If you have any questions or are unsure about anything, please contact one of our Support team by emailing  hardware@plan.com  before placing your order.

Key points to note

  • Hardware ordered via the plan.com portal must only be connected to the plan.com network . We carry out regular checks to ensure compliance and reserve the right to cancel your access to the hardware section of the plan.com portal if hardware is not connected to the O2/plan.com network.
  • Hardware quotes will need to be linked to an airtime quote and you must not order more devices than airtime connections (although you are not required to order all, or indeed any, of your hardware from us, and subject to approval you may purchase stock for use for plan.com customers).
  • Subject to stock availability, orders will be shipped via courier free of charge for next day delivery (note that you will need to set your connection dates to allow enough time to receive the hardware from us and send on to your customer). There are also chargeable options for pre-midday and Saturday delivery.
  • All orders have a cut off to be received by the Hardware Team for next day delivery, which is 16:00 Monday to Friday.
  • As soon as your order has been successfully placed with our supplier, the quote will be marked as ‘order placed’ on the plan.com portal.
  • When sent direct to your customer, the dispatch note sent with your devices will be unbranded, detail all the products ordered and, where applicable, IMEI/serial numbers will be added.
  • If we do not have sufficient stock of the hardware you have ordered when we come to dispatch it, we will:
    • Advise you as soon as reasonably practicable.
    • Where possible, offer an alternative (for example, a SIM-Free version of the same handset at a higher cost);
    • Allow you to choose whether you wait for the handset to come back into stock (in which case we will place it on backorder), accept the alternative offered, or cancel some or all of your hardware order.
  • Up-to-date hardware prices are available on the plan.com portal 24/7/365.
  • If you are discussing a large deal that requires more than 50 devices , please advise your BDM, Sales Account Manager or the Hardware team as soon as possible, so we can work on securing stock for you.
  • Our partner agreement contains important additional provisions regarding our supply of Please ensure you have read them before placing an order.

Order and delivery issues

Our Support teams are on hand to deal with any returns and will work hard to minimise the inconvenience to you and your customers in the unlikely event of something going wrong with your order.

In the event that you need to contact us, please email hardware@plan.com.

Hardware can be returned if:

  1. the item was damaged in transit prior to receipt
  2. the item supplied is different from that ordered on the plan.com portal (i.e. there is an error on the part of plan.com or one of our suppliers);
  3. the item supplied was incorrectly ordered on the plan.com portal (i.e. a mistake was made by somebody other than plan.com or one of our suppliers), provided that the item is unopened , but this may incur a restocking fee;

A return must be requested prior to the handset being returned. In the case damaged-in-transit handsets, partners are responsible for undertaking a fault diagnosis as part of this process – see Appendix 2 for details.


  1. If a device is received damaged in transit, you must contact us within 24 hours of receipt of the order.
  2. We will contact our supplier and advise you of the process for returning the device(s).
  3. Once the device(s) have been checked by our supplier and confirmed as damaged in transit, we will credit the purchase price to your account/commissions.
  4. Whilst the return is being processed, you will need to order replacement devices through the plan.com portal.


  1. If a handset has been incorrectly supplied and the fault lies with plan.com or the supplier, you must notify us within 24 hours of receipt.
  2. We will then organise with you to have the incorrect devices returned and the correct devices sent.
  3. To the extent there are any other errors with the order, these will be resolved by our Support teams as soon as practicable.


Handsets that were incorrectly ordered by the customer or partner may be returned within 10 days of delivery provided that they are unopened. Please contact the Hardware team for the correct returns address. Note that there may be a restocking charge which you will be advised about when the return is arranged.

Handsets that were incorrectly ordered by the customer or partner are not eligible for return if they have been opened or the packaging has been tampered with in any way.


In the unlikely event that an order doesn’t show up, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. You must contact us to advise that your order was not received within 24 hours of the notified delivery date (or re-arranged delivery date, if applicable) received by email as stated above.
  2. If the address that you entered was incorrect, we will not be liable for any losses as a result of non-delivery, but will help you try and track down the package.
  3. If the address that you entered was correct, you will need to re-order on your account and we will credit your account/commissions for the missing items once the items have been returned to sender.

Faulty Device Policy (Mobile)

* The processes in this policy apply to any handsets and tablets purchased through the plan.com portal, it does not apply to MBB devices such as MiFi and Dongles, nor does it apply to Boostboxes.

  1. The partner must undertake the fault diagnosis steps in Appendix 2.
  2. If a device is believed to be faulty after the fault diagnosis steps have been completed, a swap-out may be requested by the following process:
    1. Click on the ‘Customers’ tab in the search area
    2. Enter the IMEI number of the device
    3. On the service card that appears, click more options and then select ‘Hardware return’ from the dropdown.
    4. On the pop-up ‘Customer options’ click ‘Return’ on the right-hand side.
    5. Please check all the details are correct – you can manually change the Address for swap-out if needed – and then enter a brief summary of the fault, fill in the 2 tickboxes once checked and click ‘send’.
    6. Once sent the status of the request will inform you of the stage the request is at
    7. In the event of any issues – no like for like device available, out of warranty cover – we will contact you via the portal and/or email to resolve.
    8. Once a swap-out has been arranged and confirmed, you will be advised of the details via the portal and/or email.
    9. Please note that all O2 sub 14-day returns will require a replacement to be ordered via a new quote on the portal, and the faulty handset will require sending back for which a credit will be issued once it has been tested and the fault confirmed by O2.
    10. Some returns will require the original charging cable and plug attachment to be returned along with the handset – this will be communicated to you if necessary.

*Faulty BlackBerry devices over 30 days since purchase and all other non-handset/tablet devices.

  1. The partner must undertake the fault diagnosis steps in Appendix.
  2. SIM-Free TCL BlackBerry devices that are outside of 30 days of receipt, if the handset is believed to be faulty after the fault diagnosis steps have been completed issues must be addressed direct with TCL BlackBerry on 08000 260 729.
  3. For any other devices – Dongles/MiFi etc. – please contact the Device Manufacturer.

Please note that:

  • Swap requests will only be approved if the device is within its manufacturer’s warranty (12 months from date of delivery for all Apple devices and 24 months from date of delivery for all other manufacturers)
  • Swap-outs are provided at plan.com Supplier’s discretion at all times and examples of what’s covered and what’s not covered are contained in Appendix 3. This list is not complete nor exhaustive.
  • Only the device itself is covered; any associated accessories are not covered by the swap-out process.
  • If the faulty device is found to be damaged or faulty due to customer mistreatment (accidental or otherwise), or if the device is returned with any account or security locks active, we reserve the right to charge you the full retail price for the replacement as well the relevant admin fee applied by the supplier.
  • The customer must be in a position to exchange their faulty device (and any requested accessories) for the replacement device at the time the replacement device is delivered.
  • Where possible, a refurbished device of the same make and model will be provided, but this cannot be If not available, a suitable alternative will be offered.
  • If the customer’s device cannot be replaced with the same make and model, we will endeavour to provide a device with a similar specification.
  • All returns are SUBJECT TO OUR CREDIT GUIDELINES in Appendix 1 below and that if you return a handset as faulty which, when tested, shows no fault, you will BE INVOICED FOR THE FULL PRICE OF THE REPLACEMENT DEVICE, AN ADMIN FEE WILL BE CHARGED and we will return the non-faulty handset to you.


Handset Unlocking

Some devices in use with Customers may have been purchased as O2 Locked, and as such cannot be used on other networks.

We do have the ability to unlock these devices for them.

Unlocking criteria

Prior to unlocking hardware, we must ensure the customer meets the necessary conditions for us to proceed.

  1. The handset must be least six months old from the point of purchase
  2. All requests must be in writing/via email
  3. The following information is also needed, otherwise we cannot proceed with the unlocking:
    1. Mobile number associated to the device
    2. Make and model of device
    3. IMEI number of the device

Actions and timescales

For most devices, the unlocking process will take up to 10 business days and is completed by the user entering the provided code into the handset directly.

With Apple devices, the unlocking process will take up to 3 business days and is completed by the user connecting the handset to iTunes.

Following this process, a notification will be sent by Plan.com to inform you that the unlocking has been completed.plan.

Appendix 1 


Our credit guidelines for returned devices, which apply to all returns, are as follows:

Missing PartsCredit will be reduced by the cost of missing partsPlease ensure all parts are returned with the device
SIM-Free Equipment not originally purchased from plan.comNo credit will be applied
Customer damaged or PIN/ Account lockedThe device will be returned to you and the replacement cost + supplier admin fee charged will be chargedPlease ensure the handset is checked for damage and any security PINs and Accounts removed Any damage at all will invalidate the warranty claim
No fault foundThe device will be returned to you and the replacement cost + supplier admin fee charged will be chargedPlease complete the fault diagnosis steps in Appendix 2 to ensure that the device you are returning is faulty

Appendix 2


You must complete these checks prior to requesting a return or swap out:

  • Check that the customer has the latest operating system installed on the device – please check the device user guide.
  • Process a factory reset and remove any third-party As more and more users install third-party applications on their device the chances of a conflict between software installed on the device increases.
  • Check with plan.com customer services to ensure the device is registering on the network. Switch the device off and clean the SIM and battery by wiping with a clean cloth. Switch the device back on and see whether this resolves the issue.
  • For dropped calls, note the location and see whether other plan.com or O2 users are experiencing the same problem. Also, check the signal shown on the device and the coverage in the area via the O2 coverage checker at http://www.o2.co.uk/coveragechecker as there may be maintenance being carried out.
  • Try the SIM in a device that works and another working SIM in the ‘faulty’ device – this may highlight a faulty SIM.
  • If the device is not holding charge, let the battery run low and then using a mains charger rather than a USB cable attached to a laptop or PC, recharge the In most cases this will rectify the issue – if it doesn’t, please replace the battery (where possible).
  • Check the device manufacturer website as other users may have experienced the same fault and a solution may be logged on the site.
  • Check that the customer has not dropped or damaged the phone (including water damage)

Appendix 3


The following faults are covered by the plan.com swap-out scheme (when not a network issue and the device has no signs of damage):

  • Poor signal/dropping calls. where coverage is good.
  • Emergency calls only.
  • Insert SIM message.
  • Not powering on.
  • One way transmission.
  • Not charging.
  • Not ringing.
  • Faulty key pads.
  • Frozen screen.

The following faults are not covered:

  • Impact damage.
  • Damaged connectors/casings.
  • Cracked/bleeding screen.
  • Snapped/bent aerials.
  • Water damage/condensation behind screen.
  • Everyday use g. scratched screens and paintwork or worn keypads.
  • A third-party application or accessory that has been loaded/added to the device.
  • Devices outside of the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Failure of any received accessories including but not limited to charging cables, mains adaptors, headphones etc.

Guidance for timeframe:

  • Any completed requests received by plan.com by 1pm will be swapped out next business day
  • Any completed requests. received by plan.com after 1pm will be swapped out as soon as is possible, but with no guarantee of the next business day.


The following faults are covered by the Advanced Replacement plan:

All manufacturing defects and faults are covered by the Advanced Replacement plan, however, any failures or issue caused by damage or misuse are NOT covered.

Should you have any queries on this, please contact hosted@plan.com in the first instance.


What's changed?

This is the latest Hardware Policy dated 4th May 2021. We’re updated the following elements:

  • Inclusion of Hosted and Broadband Policy 

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