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may 2021

Save time, money and resource.

Next-level Call Recording

Hosted Call Recording gives you have everything you need to enjoy secure, encrypted call recordings that are compliant with all UK regulations and legislations*. The technology provides additional layers of security, auditing, and recording retention.

Monthly minutes, not total megabytes

With, you will enjoy a monthly call recording allowance rather than an overall storage allowance. Many other solutions charge you based on your storage, so unless you spend time and resource constantly downloading and deleting files, your costs will increase as your recordings increase. With our platform, recordings from previous months aren’t included in your allowance, which means you don’t need to worry about housekeeping.

Record each extension, not every call

You may not need to record every call that comes in and out of your business. That’s why our cloud-based call recordings are linked with an extension, not an entire business. Once again this can save time and money, eliminating unwanted recordings.

Easy (secured and audited) access

With the right permissions, you can access call recordings through my.plan. A simple, easy to understand interface makes finding and accessing calls effortless, meaning you can listen to a call in just a couple of clicks.

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*For details about how your business can stay compliant with regulations, read our article here.

Choose an option


1,000 minutes of call recordings per month per extension with 3 months of retention.


1,000 minutes of call recordings per month per extension with 24 months of retention.


5,000 minutes of call recordings per month per extension with a maximum unlimited retention.

 *Please see Terms & Conditions for more details

Connect agents in minutes

Simply add a call recording bolt-on to each extension you need recorded. Calls made or received by that number are automatically recorded.

After setting permissions over who can access the recording platform, those with access can use the platform to identify and listen to calls. It’s that easy!

Pool your allowances

For businesses with more than one extension, your monthly call allowance is pooled across all of your recorded extensions, helping you to avoid additional charges* if call activity is not evenly spread across each number.

Advanced analytics

The Call Recording platform has analytics built in, so that you can see how many recordings are available, when they were made, who received them, and when they are due to expire.

All of this is presented on interactive graphs as well as tabled insight.

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Transcribe and Sentiment Analysis

There’s simply not enough time and resource in the day to listen to all your calls to find examples of best practice, poor customer experience, or a contractual or regulatory statement.

With call transcription and sentiment analysis, you don’t have to spend hours listening to calls to find what you’re looking for.



Calls are automatically transcribed using the latest, cutting edge technology. Each person has their own colour-coded breakdown, and each word is highlighted as the call is played!

Then gain powerful insight into your conversations thanks to powerful keyword and phrase search tools that work in perfect harmony with your transcribed calls.


Search and filter

Transcriptions also deliver powerful search tools. The valuable insight means you can search for key words or phrases, enabling you to quickly and easily find what you’re looking for.

Once found, the calls can be played back, the system will take you exactly where you need to go in each recording, and it will underline each word of the transcription as it plays.

sentiment (1)


Sentiment analysis scores provide instant oversite for each transcribed call.

They give you a visual (smiley or sad face) indicator and percentage score by evaluating each word or phrase and scoring the call accordingly.

Reduce risk, remove worry 

Our call recording solutions are designed to be compliant with UK regulations and legislations*.

Most businesses are unaware that call recording is regulated by five different legislations covering everything from data protection, investigatory powers, to human rights.

These include ensuring that recordings are secure, access is audited, individuals’ rights are not violated, and recordings are kept for a defined amount of time.

Reduce risk

Many business call recordings on the market do not satisfy these requirements and if recordings are generated or accessed illegally, your business may be faced with hefty legislation.

Our call recording platform is designed with all of the regulations and requirements in mind, reducing the risk of recordings getting your business into trouble.


Our Call Recording platform is MiFID II compliant, which means it stands up to all of the UK’s call recording regulations, with additional levels of security to keep your recording secured and audited.

*For details about how your business can stay compliant with regulations, read our article here.


In addition to the basic call recording features that you expect, our platform comes with a host of additional features that help you to access, manage and understand your recordings:

FeatureDescriptionCall Recording LiteCall Recording PremiumCall Recording Enterprise
Monthly allowance (minutes)The amount of recording minutes per extension, per month1,0002,0005,000
Retention periodNumber of days before recordings are automatically deleted90 Days24 MonthsUnlimited
Multi Factor AuthenticationAdditional security to ensure access is protectedYesYesYes
Audit screenComlete overview of recording access and activityYesYesYes
IP WhitelistRestrict access to call recordings by nominating IP accessNoNoYes
Do not delete recordingMark recordings so they are not removed by the retention periodNoYesYes
CommentsAdd comments to recordingsYesYesYes
TagsTag recordings with key words and phrasesYesYesYes
Conversation viewView a full history of recordings between internal and third-partiesNoYesYes
Departments and SitesCategorise internal numbers into groups, department or locationsNo No Yes
TeamsSub-categorise internal numbers into teamsNoYesYes
Private groupsMark groups as private to further restrict access to recordingsNoNoYes
PlaylistsAdd recordings to playlists to manage review acitvitiesNoNoYes
Report dashboardsUnderstand call recording activity, filtered by any number of variablesNoYesYes
Data extractsExtract report data into a downloadable formatNoNoYes
Third-party contactsLabel external numbers to make them easier to reviewNoYesYes
Transcription & Sentiment*Transcribe each and very call to make them easier to access, search and understandNoYes*Yes*
Extract API*Enables calls to be downloaded in bulk using a third-party access and storage solutionNoNoYes*

*Additional charges apply.  These are Customer-Level bolt-ons, which means they are added to all Services with a Call Recording bolt-on and priced accordingly


If you need to regularly or automatically download your recordings onto another system for business or regulatory reasons, our Call Recording Export API provides access to an API, which can be used with your Third Party download and storage solution. The API is a Customer-Level Bolt-on, which means it is added to all Services with a Call Recording Bolt-On and priced accordingly.


terms & conditions

This Bolt-On enables the Customer to record incoming and outgoing calls relating to specific Services. Calls are saved as digital sound files, which can be accessed shortly after each call terminates by Authorised Users with the right permissions by logging into my.plan to access the Call Recording platform.

Once activated, the Call Recording Bolt-On will continue until the Customer requests Plan to remove the Bolt-On by contacting the support team or terminating their Service contract with Plan.

Authorised Users are able to search for and playback call recordings. All my.plan User access to the call recordings are recorded and are searchable and reportable.

Call recordings are kept for a maximum of 3 months when using the Call Recording Lite Bolt-On , a maximum of 24 months with the Call Recording Premium Bolt-On, or for a maximum unlimited period with the Call Recording Ultimate Bolt-On (until the Agreements comes to an end or all Customer Call Recording Bolt-Ons are removed).

Call Recording Lite Bolt-On provides 1,000 minutes of recorded calls per Service per month. Call Recording Premium Bolt-On provides 2,000 minutes of recorded calls per Service per month. Call Recording Ultimate Bolt-On provides 5,000 minutes of recorded calls per Service per month. Recording allowances are pooled across services in the event of a customer having two or more services with the Call Recording Bolt-On.

To apply with Applicable Laws, Call Recording cannot be turned off or paused once activated. Any recordings that exceed the allowances will be subject to additional charges. Pricing is available by visiting

The Call Recording Feature is provided by Aeriandi Limited (a Third Party supplier).

This Bolt-On provides an automated call transcription service for Call Recordings.

Transcriptions can then be searched for key words or phrases using the Recording Platform’s search and filter Feature. When Recordings are played, the transcription will display, and each word is highlighted.

Sentiment analysis is an automated scoring Feature that analyses key words and phrases with a transcription, applies positive or negative values to them, and provides a percentage-based score to each transcribed recording (0-100%) and an equivalent emoticon.

This is a per-Service Bolt_on added in the event of a retained Service having recordings stored on the Call Recording platform. A retained Service is one that is no longer connected to network, while other Services remain connected. Call Recording (Retain) is a monthly Bolt-On that is not Pro-Rated and is added if one or more recordings are stored on the Call Recording platform during the billing cycle. It allows access to the recording(s) until the recording(s) are removed or expire.

This Bolt-On provides access to an API, which can be used with a Customer’s Third Party download and storage solution in order to store and manage recordings outside of the Call Recording Platform.

The interception and recording of calls is highly regulated and it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that it complies with all Applicable Laws in relation to its use of the Call Recording Feature. The Customer acknowledges that Plan:

  • will not and does not purport to provide any legal advice under this Agreement or otherwise to the Customer;
  • does not warrant or represent that the use of the Call Recording Feature by the Customer will in all circumstances be lawful or meet the Customer’s specific business needs; and
  • has advised the Customer to take independent legal advice in relation to its use of the Call Recording Feature which is used by the Customer entirely at the Customer’s risk.

Call Recording and Transcribe & Sentiment Bolt-Ons are only available to Customers that purchase the Hosted Voice service.

Transcribe & Sentiment Bolt-Ons can only be added to a Service that has a Call Recording Bolt-On activated or when added at the same time as a Call Recording Bolt-On.

With the Transcribe & Sentiment Bolt-On, call recordings added to the platform are transcribed from the point that the Transcribe & Sentiment Bolt-On is added. Recordings pre-dating the Bolt-On will not be transcribed.

Transcribe & Sentiment Bolt-On is a Customer-Level Bolt-on, which means it is added to all Services with a Call Recording Bolt-On and priced accordingly.

Recordings will be stored in a cloud-based storage facility provided by a third party. Each Customer’s recordings and SMS are stored in a separate database with separate encryption keys. If the storage facility:

  • reaches its storage capacity;
  • loses connection with the Plan systems; or
  • is unavailable for any other reason
  • the Customer may lose access to the call recordings enabled by Plan and Plan shall have no liability in respect of any lost recordings.

If a call is unanswered and forwarded to another Connection the Call Recording Feature will be stopped and the forwarded call will not be recorded


The Third Party does not provide a back-up of any call recordings or SMS nor guarantee the integrity or accuracy of any call recording. If the Customer wishes to keep any back-up of call recordings or SMS, it should ensure it is done so in accordance with all Applicable Law (including Data Protection Laws). The Third Party will delete the call recordings within 30 days of the expiry and non-renewal of the Term or termination of the Agreement or of the Call Recording Bolt-on from all Services on the Customer’s account.

If the Call Recording Bolt-On is removed, customers have 60 days to access their call recordings before they are deleted.

In order to comply with regulations, in the event of individual Services being cancelled and thereby no longer being recorded, all recordings related to the Service(s) will be retained until they either reach their retention period (see clause I i F) or the Call Recording Bolt-On is removed (see clause I i B). In these cases, a monthly per-Service retention charge applies. Pricing is available by visiting

In the event of one or more Services being removed the Call Recording Feature but other Services still being active and recorded, an additional monthly retention fee will be applied. Please see the Plan Hosted Voice pricing guide for details:

Plan shall have no liability for any loss or corruption to data in the Customer’s storage facility.

In relation to call recording conducted on behalf of the Customer, to the extent that any such call includes any personal data, Plan shall act as the Customer’s data processor when processing such personal data and each Party shall comply with the Data Processing Annex.

The Call Recording Lite Feature automatically deletes call recordings after a maximum of 3 months when using the Call Recording Lite Bolt-On, a maximum of 24 months with the Call Recording Premium Bolt-On, or for a maximum unlimited period with the Call Recording Ultimate Bolt-On (until the Agreements comes to an end or all Customer Call Recording Bolt-Ons are removed).

The Customer shall:

  • be solely responsible for complying with all Applicable Law (including Data Protection Laws) and guidance issued by any applicable regulatory authority in respect of the interception of calls and collection of personal data using the Call Recording Feature;
  • not knowingly use the Call Recording in connection with any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent, misleading or harmful purpose or activity and shall at all times comply with the associated authorised use policy;
  • ensure that it makes it clear to all Users and potential participants in any calls that calls may or will be recorded and that in relation to each call that is to be recorded ensure that each participant in the call has been notified that the call is going to be recorded at the start of the call and (where appropriate) seek consent in accordance with Applicable Laws (including Data Protection Laws);
  • be responsible for ensuring that it has in place appropriate policies and/or processes to ensure that it complies with all Applicable Laws including training the Authorised Users in relation to their obligations when using accessing the Call Recording Bolt-On;
  • defining login and access permissions to determine which Authorised Users are able to access, retrieve and delete call recordings;
  • be responsible for the reliability, integrity, accuracy and quality of all content stored in the storage facility.

The Customer is responsible for paying any additional charges incurred in the event of call recordings exceeding the monthly allowance associated with their chosen Call Recording product.

The Customer shall indemnify Plan, and hold Plan harmless, against any losses, damages, claims, obligations, liabilities, costs and expenses (including legal fees and any costs and expenses incurred in investigating, preparing, defending or prosecuting any litigation, claim, proceeding or demand) arising out of or in connection with any claim or cause of action arising against Plan as a result of the Customer’s use of the Call Recording Feature.


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