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GO.PLAN is a secure online portal that enables customers to request number transfers (PACs) and disconnections.


The go.plan portal not only helps to accurately process these requests, it also automatically notifies all relevant stakeholders (including you and your sales team) to give you as much notice as possible before a contract is terminated.


We’ve made the process straight forward for customers, taking away all the heavy lifting from you. That means you have even more time to focus on what’s important – retaining customers, winning and connecting deals, and delivering five-star customer service.


Here’s the process:

  1. Customer requests a PAC, STAC or disconnection via email or phone
  2. You (or – depending on who they contact) will discuss the matter with them and direct them to if they want to leave
  3. The customer will follow the straight-forward, automated and transparent process and submit the request
  4. is notified and the account holder or authorised signatory will authorise the PAC, STAC or request
  5. The customer will receive their PAC or STAC codes within two working days (10 working days for 26+ transfers or disconnections)


There is nothing worse than a prolonged process, especially when you want to terminate a contract. Sometimes you just want out; hassle free.

Although is designed to make the process of leaving the network less pressured for customers, it shouldn’t be looked upon negatively. It’s a powerful business tool that can potentially help you retain customers.

Get to grips with go.plan


We’ve also created a step-by-step customer guide, which you can send to customers upon request by downloading it or sending them to the documents via the URL.

Demo site

So that you know exactly what a customer will experience when they’ve requested their PAC code, we’ve created you with a click-through site, demonstrating the new and improved process.