eContract & proposal

Everything you need to know

This guide tells you everything you need to know about the proposal and eContract.

The proposal and contract document should be relatively straight forward but this short guide is here to walk you through the process, give you an idea of what to expect and help you if you get stuck.

1 - Proposal & Contract

intro to contract

This section welcomes the customer to and you, our business partner who worked with the customer to create the best telecoms deal and solution.


Customers can find out more about and your partner business here also. 

3 - Summary of monthly charges

summary of monthly charges

A quick overview of the customers agreed monthly total.

These yellow boxes are throughout the proposal and eContract. They must be ticked to move onto the next section so ensure the customer ticks the boxes to confirm that they’ve checked and are happy with the details in each section. 


services ordered
and monthly charges

This section itemises the different tariffs, bolt-ons and extras that the customer has chosen. It provides a full breakdown of costs for each service, tariff, bolt-on and extras requested.


The customer should check this breakdown carefully as this is exactly what will provide the customers once the eContract is signed by both parties.

4 - Services ordered and monthly charges
5 - Equipment ordered


This section gives the breakdown of hardware equipment that has been requested by the customer when you were quoting. 

customer details

This section concerns the trading information linked with the customer account.

These details need to be completed accurately and in full. The business details provided will be checked by our anti-fraud and credit control teams before we can authorise the eContract.

6 - Customer Details
7 - Company Contacts

company contacts

This section confirms the main point of contact at the customer business to sit alongside the above business details.

Ensure that the general contact and billing contact are also assigned to ensure we communicate with the correct contact. 


This section needs to be completed by a person who is associated with the business.


If they’re a sole trader or any other type of non-limited company, this must be the proprietor of the business. Limited companies must select a director who is named on Companies House.

primary my.plan

This section confirms who the customers wants as their primary my.plan account admin.


This will give the user full access to the customer account so they have the ability to add & remove bolt on, manage those who else have access. This could any role type the customer chooses from around the business. 

8 - Primary my.plan account administrator
9 - Validation


As an extra step in our security process to ensure we have all the correct customer information.


A two step process to confirm the email address given is correct. 

contract spending caps

In compliance with regulations, customers must be informed and offered the opportunity to a set monthly Spend Cap in order to limit additional costs that fall outside of your standard, agreed monthly Charges.


The information and ability to add a per-service Spend Cap is available as part of the Proposal and eContract.


Customers with Gold and Platinum tariffs have the opportunity to add usage Spend Limits, which allow them to control their usage and spend with far more precision and flexibility.

10 - Contract


The Contract Summary and Contract Information PDFs are available to download via the eContract prior to the eContract being signed. Together, they provide a clear and concise summary of the services, pricing and key terms.

To access them, you must first confirm your business name, address and telephone number, which are required by the documents.

11 - Data Protection and Third Party Access

data protection and third party access

For the customer to give you, their business partner access to their account so you can provide a proactive service and exceptional level of support, they will need to grant you access to their account by ticking the box on this screen. 


This section is where the customer inputs their digital eSignature, their first and last name, email address and mobile number.


The eContract must be signed by the proprietor, a named Director of the business or an authorised signatory.

The sign and submit section will become available as soon as they have ticked all the approval boxes and completed all of the required details.

12 - eSignature


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