my.plan guide

guide to third party access in my.plan

july 2020


what is tpa?

Many of our customers appreciate the support of a Partner to ensure they get the most value for their business out of the many tools and functions available in the my.plan platform.


In order to facilitate this support, Customers are invited to grant “Third party access” (TPA) to their Partner.

why is it required

We take the privacy of our customer and partner information very seriously, which is why customers can choose to grant TPA. If a customer does grant TPA, they can revoke TPA at any time.


We will continue to process any personal data in accordance with our privacy policy ( and data processing annex (

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WHAT can partners see and do with tpa?

Customers who grant TPA to a Partner may benefit from Partners being able to add, modify or remove: Services/connections, my.plan features and packages, usage restrictions, including Spending Limits and notifications.


Third Party Access will also enable partners to review call, messaging, location and data usage and charges.


Partners will not have access to customer bank details or be able to alter your Direct Debit details.


Without TPA visibility of and access to, certain data and information will be restricted. This includes location data, user management, profile groups, controls (all controls) and Spend Limits, usage & charges, account history and activity. Partners will however still have permission to manage and add Products on a Customers’ behalf and with their approval. 

how do i
request tpa? Partners can request TPA from the customer card in the v4 Partner portal. This will send an email to the customer contact to grant permission for TPA. Once approved the customer card will be updated and a note added to the contact card in green.

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