my.plan Soft PhoneFlexibility is everything

For most businesses these days, giving your people the ability to work from anywhere is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. 

Now, thanks to Hosted soft phones from, people in your business can make and receive calls from their mobiles and their laptops or desktops.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

So, whether someone is working remotely out of choice, your office broadband goes down, or you need to change the way you work at a moment’s notice – Hosted Soft Phones have you covered.

Mobile mobility

To set up a soft phone, simply add a user’s details into my.plan. Once they have downloaded the my.plan app on their mobile, they’ll be sent a link and… that’s it! They will be up and running in no time.

Call through your laptop

(COMING SOON) If you’d rather make and receive calls through your laptop or desktop, our browser plug in makes this effortless. Compatible with most modern browsers the plug in gives you the same functionality as the mobile soft phone. All you need is a headset and mic.

Everything you need in a soft phone

Whether you want to make, receive, hold, mute or reject a call – the my.plan Soft Phone has it all. You can also access your contacts and call history.

Call allowance

Soft phone calls come straight out of your Hosted call allowance, not your mobile minutes. So you don’t have to worry about unexpected charges.

How it works

Connect agents in minutes

The my.plan soft phone can be set up in minutes. It’s free with our platinum tariffs and can be added as a bolt-on to our Essential and Gold tariffs. To activate it, simply add the user’s email and phone number to my.plan, and the platform does the rest! Once the user has downloaded the my.plan app or browser plug-in, they can be up and running in just a few clicks.

Great, how can I get one?

If you’re a my.plan administrator, simply add Soft Phones via the Hosted Products Menu and follow the instructions. Otherwise, please speak to your my.plan Account Holder or Partner for more details.

my.plan soft phone


The iPhone Soft Phone has been available for a few months, built into the my.plan app via the Apple App Store.

The Android Soft Phone is now available and is also built into the my.plan app via the Google Play Store.

The browser Soft Phone is now available and is available as an app extension on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge via the Google Web Store.

Who can have a soft phone?

  • Customers with the Hosted platform
  • Platinum extensions have the Soft Phone included
  • Essential and Gold extensions can add the Soft Phone as a bolt-on via PRODUCTS
  • Or upgrade to Platinum
  • Each extension can have a soft phone on your mobile and your browser at the same time
  • But each extension can’t have a soft phone on multiple phones, or multiple browsers

How are they installed?

  • Installing and registering the soft phone is easy
  • It’s all done via my.plan
  • Simply log in to my.plan
  • Go to the soft phone control: Controls > Hosted > Extension Management > Soft Phone
  • Click INVITE
  • Add their details (text or email, the browser version requires an email)
  • An invite is then sent to the user with the link to download the soft phone and a link to register it
  • Please note: auto provision is not yet available via my.plan and is done via the Implementation team until it is launched in December
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What's changed?

This is the latest Soft Phone Guide dated 4th May 2021.

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